Sunday, March 23, 2008

Weekend Box Office Report: Mar 21-23

Plenty of new releases this week, but people are still craving Horton Hears a Who. G-rated movies can still rock the box office, even against horror flicks like Shutter and comedies about violent bullies like Drillbit Taylor.

1. Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who
This week: $25,100,000
Total: $86,470,000

2. Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns
This week: $20,010,000
Total: $20,010,000

3. Shutter
This week: $10,700,000
Total: $10,700,000

4. Drillbit Taylor
This week: $10,200,000 - Total: $10,200,000

5. 10,000 BC
This week: $8,660,000 - Total: $76,100,000

6. Never Back Down
This week: $4,861,000 - Total: $16,824,000

7. College Road Trip
This week: $4,630,000 - Total: $32,005,000

8. The Bank Job
This week: $4,100,000 - Total: $19,430,000

9. Vantage Point
This week: $3,800,000 - Total: $65,300,000

10. Under The Same Moon
This week: $2,602,000 - Total: $3,329,000

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ShirowWolf said...

That's one thing that a lot of Hollywood really doesn't understand, or rather, has forgotten; family movies sell BIG. We don't need to have ALL movies be adult or teen/adult, with R and 'hard' PG-13 ratings, and full of nothing but violence and foul language. Family movies are worth it too, and do make it big.

Uh, unless it really, really sucks. I bad.

Shin Lord said...

Agreed. I'm sure we could name a few G-rated disasters, but there is far more garbage in the PG-13 and R side. I, for one, am looking forward to watching Horton Hears a Who with the wife. She loves animated family movies.