Monday, April 21, 2008

COMING NEVER - The Saga Begins

Welcome to the first comic of COMING NEVER, which will have new postings on Mondays.

I decided to do a comic strip about movies because it’s not something you typically see; not i n the funnypapers, and not usually on the web either. Movie references are in comics all the time, but you don’t typically see a comic just about movies. Most online comics seem to either usually be about games, overall computer/dork stuff, and... elves. Or otherwise, fantasy themes. There’s nothing wrong with those things themselves, but I thought, if I made a comic online and was just another joke comic, what would be different about it? What would I do different that most other people are not doing, and yet, people can still relate to and find funny?

I thought that movies was a simple, and pleasing answer. I love movies, and love jeering them and pointing out their follies, even if they are movies that I like. And basically everyone watches movies. I do realize that the problem may arise that well, not everyone watches the same movies; just as not everyone plays the same games, so not everyone understands or appreciates the jokes in game comics all the time (myself included). But hits and misses are going to happen anyway. So I began to think simply about what kinds of movie jokes I could think of, and that’s how this comic started to come about.

I plan to overall have this be a black and white comic, simply because I cannot use color, in any medium, very well. It’s a phenomenon, is all I can say. But as time goes on, I may play with things here and there. We’ll see.

I hope you enjoy this comic, and continue to come back every Monday for new updates. So this comic is in reference to the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. In particular, it references to the movie’s poster, by Drew Struzan, in which there does seem to be the skull of typical gray-type alien... This comic then wrote itself after I saw the poster. How’s that for a first comic? I actually am looking forward to the movie, and wonder what the skull really means.

This isn’t the first comic I originally intended to post, nor is it the first I made, but it seemed like a good idea, the more I thought about it. I’ll probably get to my original post plans eventually.

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Shin Lord said...

I loved the comic sample you sent me about the writer’s strike, the DBZ one, and this one as well. Congratulations, man.

I was this close to coloring it, but it looks so nice the way it is. Still, I’ll definitely color some of them.

If you have time please make some sort of introduction to the characters. People are going to wonder why the hell there’s a monkey walking around. Also, let’s give the characters specific colors to their clothing, even though most of the times you’ll be coloring their clothes black.

Working on this comic will be very fun. Thanks for the time you have been spending on it and for making it an Up+Start exclusive. :D

Shirow Wolf said...

Oh I'll work on...something about the characters, don't worry. Something will be coming. :D

I hope you will color more of them, if you have time. That would still be great.

I've had fun working on the ones I have finished so far, an I'm still having fun working on it. I'm happy to be able to do this, too. :3

Tiger Queen said...

Congratulations, Shirow. You made me laugh so suddenly that soda came through my nose.


ANYway, I like. I'm proud of you, it's not like any of MY webcomic ideas have ever seen fruition, lol.

Shirow Wolf said...

Thank you, Dear. <3

Oh dear, did I really make you laugh that hard? D: IT BURNS!!!

Wait til you see what else I have lined up. :D

Oh, Sweets, you'll get something up if you keep at it. Besides, you're busy with so many things. :/ But I hope you will get one going soon. :3

Thank you for commenting! :D

Shin Lord said...

Wow, even Tiger Queen has approved of Coming Never. You should be proud, Shirow.

I hope you can sneak in a comic about video games from time to time, even if it's about a movie based on a game. I'll be sure to think of funny stuff for you to draw. Pepe says hi.

Shirow Wolf said...

Well....we'll see. Let's just say....I'm thinking about some things.... :D