Saturday, April 19, 2008

No More Alien Movies For Sigourney Weaver

So if you've ever wondered about a fifth Alien movie, and what might happen, and of course, if Ripley will return again, well, it's now officially no, she will not.

Sigourney Weaver recently mentioned the subject in an interview, and has expressed that she won't return for another movie, if one is made.

And that's primarily because, in her words, the series was 'killed' by Fox, with Alien VS. Predator. She... does not like the move Fox made with making those movies, and has expressed before that she does not like AVP at all.

Specifically, she said "Fox has effectively killed it because of 'Alien vs. Predator.' What else can you do with the creature? You can take the situation, you can go back to where they came from... to play someone who ages a couple hundred years was fascinating. [But] let [Ripley] rest."

Amen, Sigourney. I have to agree. Alien Resurrection should not have even been made. I do not think a fourth Alien movie should not have been made; but Alien Resurrection should not exist. That movie is actually the prime reason I hate Joss Whedon. But that's another story...Anyway, but what's also a shame is, she mentioned making another one with Ridley Scott again. She said in part "The last time [Ridley and I] saw each other we talked about it. The character is still interesting [and] I'd love to work with Ridley again".

But well, that's not going to happen now. And that's a shame... It'd be awesome for Sigourney to return again, even though I... hate the idea of the... Ripley clone... But still...

So, forget it, fans. She's not coming back. Indeed we should just let Ripley rest, and be at peace.

Also, James Cameron was working on a script for a fifth Alien movie, too, but... he also backed way, way off when Fox decided they wanted to Alien VS. Predator 2 (if I can find the article I read that in, I'll post it...).

This is a sign, Fox, when three BIG and popular people in Hollywood who have worked for you in popular movie series are now telling you to go fuck yourself because you're making bad movies instead of using these hot talents to make decent ones.

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