Monday, January 7, 2008

Weekend Box Office Report: Jan 4-6

For the third consecutive week Disney's National Treasure: Book of Secrets has been the top movie at the box office. It's well on its way to breaking the $200 million mark already broken by Will Smith's I Am Legend. The little independent film Juno has generated positive reviews and could become Fox Searchlight's biggest hit of all time.

1. National Treasure: Book of Secrets
This week: $20,225,000
Total: $171,033,000

2. I Am Legend
This week: $16,300,000
Total: $228,638,000

3. Juno
This week: $16,225,000
Total: $52,032,000

4. Alvin and the Chipmunks
This week: $16,000,000 - Total: $176,738,000

5. One Missed Call
This week: $13,525,000 - Total: $13,525,000

6. Charlie Wilson’s War
This week: $8,184,000 - Total: $52,630,000

7. P.S. I Love You
This week: $8,010,000 - Total: $39,378,000

8. The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep
This week: $6,300,000 - Total: $30,893,000

9. Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
This week: $5,400,000 - Total: $38,472,000

10. Atonement
This week: $5,124,000 - Total: $19,216,000

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ShirowWolf said...

Man....Alien Vs. Predator dropped out of the Top 10. I actually thought the movie would do better than this. Although the first movie was heavily panned, especially by critics but also by fans, the joke is on us because it still did well. This new one actually looks BETTER than the original (and with no Paul Anderson!),'s not doing well. But, some movies just don't do well during certain times of the year. Had this movie been released during a summer, I'm guessing it would probably have done better. But...who can say...

Shin Lord said...

I hate the original Alien vs. Predator. It had so much potential but ended up sucking extraterrestrial ass. This new one does look better, but maybe people were afraid of it being shit. I'm usually not interested in sequels of movies I didn't like.

And yeah, why would you release a gore-fest movie on Christmas? All other Aliens movies were released in the summer, except Alien Resurrection, and that one didn't make much money. When will they learn?

ShirowWolf said...

The first AvP wasn't....'terrible'. It just...wasn't 'great'. I don't 'hate' it; I just wouldn't put it as one of my top favorite movies, for sure. It is a movie though that I might have playing that I can listen to and sometimes glance at when I'm working on some art (except I don't own a copy of it. :P It does come on FX sometimes though. Since it was already PG-13, I don't think they even edited it, except for a few curse words, probably). As Alexi would probably say, it's a 'bad' movie, but it's not a 'terrible bad' movie, if you get me. He did say about this new movie though that it might be 'a good bad movie'. Yeah, that's most likely what it is. I'll accept that.

I kept seeing Christmas themes with ads for the movie too. Did you see one of the U.S. posters for it? It's BAD. It says on it 'This Christmas, There Will Be No Peace on Earth'. That's BAD.

I also saw one ad on TV that seriously had 'Silent Night' playing as the music. This is not a Christmas movie. At all. Yes, it just came out on Christmas. But the Christmas association was otherwise...just plain dumb.

I think that Alien might have been released in the Fall, actually, but I'm not sure. and I have no idea about Aliens.

Shin Lord said...

For me AVP was a terrible movie. I somehow convinced my then girlfriend to watch it with me in the theater, telling her how cool the other Alien movies were. She was so disappointed. I felt robbed. It was just awful. Recently I rented the Blu-ray version in hopes of liking it a little better and get excited about AVP2, but now I hate it even more. I'll still watch and review AVP2 when it comes out on video.

Release dates:
Alien (May 1979)
Aliens (July 1986)
Alien 3 (May 1992)
Alien Resurrection (November 1997)
Alien vs. Predator (August 2004)